Willowdown Primary


Willowdown Library

We opened our unique library in September 2023. Our library is an integral part of our school. Our school library aims to contribute to our pupils’ learning and development by providing a safe, stimulating and well-maintained environment, which helps support teaching and learning. In addition, we aim to improve reading skills and, in turn, improve both levels of attainment and progress in reading and writing. We want our library to encourage a real love of reading for pleasure to develop readers for life. 

Reading Ambassadors

Our reading ambassadors will work as a small team to maintain our library and complete the following jobs:

  • Maintain bookshelves, ensuring the books are in the correct place
  • Pack away returned books from EYFS and KS1
  • Keep the library tidy and well-presented
  • Suggest and implement display ideas in the library to support engagement in reading 
  • Report to SLT and the school about the way the library is used
  • Promote reading around the school